Nokia bundle in US “not meant to be a volume play at all”


To any sensible person the headline would not be news at all, but some bloggers have been making a big deal of Nokia pricing itself out of the US market again by releasing very expensive unlocked handsets, which is forgivable however as it has of course been their modus operandi in that market for ages.

Of course those who have followed developments for the last year will actually understand Nokia has developed better carrier relationships in US now, and will in fact soon have two smartphones on GSM carriers in the country, a major feat for the Finnish company.

Keith Nowak, from Nokia PR’s tweet should therefore provide some reassurance that Nokia is not in fact planning tom win back the US market by selling all their phones unlocked for nearly $1000, but will in fact be breaking new low price points for high quality smartphones at super-low prices over the next few months.

But of course for Nokia any publicity may be good publicity, so even the moaning is a win after all 😉