Nokia blog touts Windows Phone 7 game created by father and son team

20110409_009The Official Nokia Conversations Blog has posted this video of the Angry Birds clone Angry Monsters, created by Symbian and QT developer Tero Paananen and his 6 and 10 year old sons, who’s main duties appear to be artistic direction and game design.

We have mentioned Tero on the blog before, being one of the first developers on Nokia’s developer forum to embrace Windows Phone 7 and create an XNA-based Solitaire game.

Tero is mainly creating the game as a father-son activity, but is continuing to add polish, planning to ad exploding enemies and a level editor.

The XAP is available to download at Nokia’s developer forum, which can be accessed here.

When we last wrote about Tero he was the only developer using Nokia’s developer community forums to be doing Windows Phone 7 apps, but there are at present already 12 apps in process there, especially significant given that there are only 70 Symbian and 46 Meamo apps on the same site after many more years of support there.

Nokia will be giving all their registered developers free registration in the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace, normally $99,  and hopes to rapidly convert them to supporting their new primary OS.