Nokia Black pictures have more accurate colour, but may look worse than Amber pictures

925-amber-1-detail 925-black-1-detail
Amber Black

AllaboutWindowsPhone have performed a comparison of image quality camera on the Nokia Lumia 925 before and after the Nokia Black update, which is meant to bring improved imaging algorithms.

They found the update brought significant improvements to colour accuracy, especially in low light, and colours were a lot more natural, but that it lacked the vibrancy and contrast of the Nokia Amber pictures which tend to make those pictures more attractive.

AAWP concludes:

In comparing camera performance before and after the Lumia Black software update on the Lumia 925, it is readily apparent that the differences are smaller than the same comparison for the Lumia 1020. This is because the Lumia 1020 has the additional benefit of a re-engineered PureView oversampling algorithm, which improves detail and reduces noise (and of course has a lot more sensor to work with).

However, the Lumia 925 does clearly benefit from improved colour accuracy. There’s some evidence to suggest there’s a loss of contrast in some photos, but this is partly the result of more neutral processing (i.e. less artificial enhancement, such as boosting saturation levels). Our preference has always been for more neutral processing as, if desired, it’s possible to easily add contrast and/or saturation, but it’s not very easy to take it away.

This pattern of improved colour accuracy is something we would expect to see repeated across the rest of the Lumia range. We’ll look at this again once the Lumia Black update is available for the Lumia 920 with a similar gallery to that above, but this time handled by Steve.

In overall terms, what we’re seeing with the Lumia Black update is a refinement of the image processing changes made in the Lumia Amber update, with a particular emphasis on colour accuracy, which results in a small, but noticeable improvement in camera output.

See more pictures at AAWP here.