Nokia aiming for Millennials as key Lumia consumers in US

Adweek spoke to Nokia’s North America marketing Valerie Buckingham about the companies planned great American comeback.

We posted recently about consumer scepticism in US about Nokia and it seems Buckingham was aware of the challenge.

Buckingham acknowledged that the Nokia brand has been under-the-radar for most North American consumers. “You need to realistic when you talk to someone you haven’t seen in five years,” Buckingham said.

Buckingham said Nokia is “initially” focused on promoting the Windows Phone ecosystem.

“We’re as focused right now on building out the ecosystem for Windows Phone because we believe if we can lift the tide, it’s going to lift all boats,” she said, adding that research has shown consumers are more focused on the integrated device as opposed to specific hardware or software offerings.

The company identified Millennials, people born in the 80’s and 90’s, as a key customer segment because of the demographic’s heavy base of influencers.

“If we go out in our communication…with ideas of who people are that aren’t actually accurate, [then] in our world today…it’s immediately apparent when you’re checked out and when you’re clueless,” she said.

Chris Weber, head of Nokia USA has promised a promotional push for Nokia Windows Phones called “Rolling Thunder” which will see the company ramp up its marketing and promotion efforts "to reintroduce the Nokia brand to consumers in the U.S" in a "new, fresh and energized way."

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