Nokia adds vCard support to Windows Phone with new Contact Share app, now only data counter missing




Windows Phone does not natively support sending and receiving vCards via SMS.  Nokia however promised some months ago to address this issue, and has just done so by releasing their Contacts Share app.

Interestingly at the time Stephen Elop gave a list of features Nokia planned to address to bring in-demand Symbian features to Windows Phone.  This list included:

 “Wi-Fi hotspot tethering capabilities; Vcard sending and receiving, which turns out to be the most often requested capability from existing Symbian users; data voice and messaging tracking capability for cost control; panorama image capabilities that stitch together multiple images to create a great photographic experience; and the introduction of a DLNA client for television connectivity.”

By that measure the only app still missing is the data counter, which I assume will be the next app to pop up.


The Share Contacts app description reads as below:

Share Contacts lets you share useful contact details via SMS or e-mail quickly and easily. You can share in a transparent manner for almost all Symbian, Android, iPhone OS, BackBarry and others, as this handy app uses the standard vCard format.Once shared, you will receive them in the box at the entrance of the same app if sent via SMS or incoming mail box in the mail if sent by e-mail.

Your new contact will appear in the people hub of Windows Phone, from which you can easily call, e-mail, chat or follow friends on your favorite social network.

The app is as usual exclusive to Nokia Lumia handsets, and can be found in Marketplace here.


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