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Nokia recently conducted an online poll at its  Nokia conversations blog to know what are the best new features people would like to see on a Nokia Windows Phone. As lauded by many, the unique UI, Xbox and integration with Windows garnered significant votes.

Of course the most popular segment is “other”, which turns out to be largely a mail-in protest vote – a clear indication that the hardcore of Symbian fans will not be switching over without a fight.

According to Nokia Conversations the 22% consisted of:

Within this other answer were another 100 categories so there’s quite a lot of dilution with lots of opinion. From this 22 per cent, a third agreed that Windows Phone was not what they wanted, period. MeeGo received just over eight per cent and Symbian just under eight per cent, with Qt receiving 4.8 per cent of this Other option. USB-OTG and Ovi Maps took around three per cent, but strangely the Blue Screen Of Death received just over two percent. We’re not sure why you would want that as a feature, but you voted for it.

I personally think the best cure for this resistance is for Nokia to ramp up its efforts to bring the first set of WP7 devices into the market soon as possible. Like with Windows Mobile fans of old, a hands-on with Windows phone 7 tends to win over the critics better than most anything else.

Source: Nokia Conversations

Thanks to Pandi and Simplemobilereviews for the tip.

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