Noborizaka – A Windows Phone 7 Activity Tracker / RPG

If you’ve ever wanted real life to be a little bit more like a game, or if you’ve been looking for free activity tracker, Noborizaka for Windows Phone 7 may be just the app for you.

Using Noborizaka, you can take easily note of what you’re doing throughout the day and how long your actions are taking. As you complete your actions, you’ll earn experience points to upgrade your character. You don’t need to leave it running either – just periodically load the app when you need to create a new action, start / pause an existing action, or complete an action. The user interface supports your Windows Phone 7 theme, and Noborizaka also keeps a history of what you’ve done in the past, so you can quickly view what you did yesterday, last week, and last month.

Version 1.1, which has just been released to the marketplace, also includes a few new features, which includes:

  • live tile updates that display your character’s level and progress
  • the ability to add notes for your actions
  • using your Xbox Live avatar for your character’s image

More information can be found here on the developer’s website.

Download Noborizaka