No Windows Live Sync At Launch For WP7 Devices Thoughts

Just earlier this week we watched Microsoft demo their latest live software and say of course it will sync with Windows Phone, but now we find out not at launch. This was said at a show in London where they basically said:

bringing a new device (Windows Phone 7) into a chain of inter-connected devices might bring up issues related to storage space and bandwidth since users most commonly want the entire contents of a folder to be synced across all their devices.

Now I am sure Windows Phone 7 will do just fine without this, but it seems quite a bit of software will not be released with the official software. Many people might see this as a bad sign, but thing about it this way. Google took many years to develop android and they still are since the OS is a WIP. Apple took years of under covered work to develop iOS for the iPhone. MS started in 2007, and had to start all over again around 2008, so 2 years developing a fully powered OS is a pretty short about of time considering the amount of codes that have to go in, and the ideas they have to bring in the concept.

I will not hammer them because they are keeping a lot of things out at launch simple because Android, and iPhone had did the same thing, and look at them now. I will also think about it this way, at least the updates are guarantied for all Windows Phone (due to consistent hardware), unlike Android when you will hardly know your devices OTA lifespan.

Sync story via: Pocketnow