No, that uninstallable update is not a new version of the Windows 10 Mobile Technical Preview



We have been getting and seeing reports that user with the Windows 10 Mobile Technical Preview have been receiving  update prompts which they have not been able to install.

Some have suggested this was a pending update to the Windows 10 Mobile technical Preview, but unfortunately Gabriel Aul, the head of the Windows Insider Program, has dashed this hope, saying:



From other tweets it appears Microsoft is not yet ready to update the Windows 10 Mobile TP, and that this may still be a week or two away.

The pending update was likely a firmware update, as Gabriel suggests, but interestingly he revealed that there may be issues receiving new firmware while on the TP.


Hopefully Microsoft will address this issue, especially if the Technical Preview is set to be an extended one.

Thanks Ieshitva for the tip and screen shots.