No tethering in Windows Phone Mango


25, 2011

Author Surur // in News

Unfortunately is seems one feature which did not make the list of 500 is internet sharing for Windows Phone 7.

Pocket-lint reports that Achim Berg, the corporate vice president of Windows Phone marketing has expressed regret that the feature did not make the cut.

“It’s been clear today that people want tethering support,” Berg told Pocket-lint after many journalists complained about a lack of Wi-Fi at the London VIP event at Millbank Tower near Westminster, saying he regretted not getting the Windows Phone 7 team to include tethering in the new Mango update detailed.

Tethering is part of an increasingly short list of features still much missed from Windows Mobile, with other items including USB Mass storage mode and direct sync over USB to Outlook. 

Unlike the other two however it is likely a future update will bring that capability to the platform. Also with the new sockets capability in Mango it may be possible for developers to create applications directly to support the feature.  It is however not clear if such apps would be approved.


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