No space to store music on Windows Phone? Style Jukebox has the solution.

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There is no such thing as too much space when it comes to our smartphones. No matter how many awesome features my new Nokia Lumia 920 has, its 32 GB of storage space are just too easy to fill up with apps, music and photos.

Like any avid music listener I have a large album collection of my favorite singers, musicians and bands, but I find it very hard to keep my music on my Windows Phone, especially because of the limited storage space capacity.

Style Jukebox is the easiest solution for any music junkie that doesn’t have enough space to keep  all his music storage on his/her phone.

Style Jukebox is essentially an online storage platform designed around music. To create an account and upload your music to the service you must download the Windows app. Your music will be automatically synced with the Cloud anytime you make changes.

Automatic import of music from Dropbox and SkyDrive is also available. Once uploaded, your music can be accessed by you just about anywhere.

When you launch the app, the first thing you’ll notice is that all the music you have uploaded is already made available to you by the app. You can view it by songs, albums, artists or playlists. Playback begins near-instantaneously over both 3G/4G or Wi-Fi connections.

One of the best things about Style Jukebox is that all apps are designed to deliver incredible sound quality. Audio streamed smoothly and the quality is excellent. This is because all songs are streamed at their original quality.

There are also some other handy settings offered by Style Jukebox. One such feature is limiting the app to run only on Wi-Fi networks to save cellular data or adding songs to a queue to instantly change the playback order.

Should you be using Style Jukebox?

Style Jukebox is a free, simple and effective way to listen to your music anywhere. Hi-Fi sound quality, cross-platform availability and ease of use make it to outperform similar music apps.


• Upload up to 1,000 songs for free
• All your music and playlists are automatically synced
• Stream your music over 2G/3G/4G/Wi-Fi
• Download songs on your phone for offline playback or reduce data plan usage
• Available in English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Romanian and Bulgarian
• Live tiles with album art
• Create temporary song queue
• Log in with Facebook

Download Style Jukebox from Windows Phone Store.

Visit developer’s site for the Windows PC version.

Do you use a cloud music service? Let me know below!