No new build today but it is still due this week


Only last week our holy lord and savior Gabe Aul tweeted that early this very week we will receive a new Windows 10 Mobile build. Today is early this week and we have some more news on the next build.

First of all, Gabe Aul tweeted that while the new build is not coming today, it is still scheduled for this week. More than this, this week is still very probable for the release.

On what will be new about the build he also tweeted something. Unfortunately he is only saying that the update bug, which required to go back to Windows Phone 8.1 to be able to install the latest insiders build, and a bug which caused phones to overheat and the battery to quickly drain are fixed – so nothing on new features or so.

Anyhow, I am glad to see builds being released more frequently now. It really looks like Microsoft is doing everything to make things right before releasing the software to the public.

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