No Man’s Sky’s next update is releasing tomorrow for Xbox One, PC and PS4.

Titled Visions, this new patch will introduce new planetary biomes, more vibrant worlds, new fauna and flora, archeology, salvaging and more.

Much like last month’s update, there’s a wealth of new visual additions here in Visions. Alongside some weird and wonderful new biomes, there’s a bunch of new graphical add-ons to look at. New types of water, improved skies and atmospherics, and storms that can now produce rainbows are all here.

Larger additions include Archeology and Salvageable Scrap. The former requires you to search planets for the ancient bones of alien lifeforms; completed skeletons can be sold for a whole bunch of mulaah. The latter inclusion allows you to search fallen satellites for parts but doing so may cause you to catch the attention of corrupted sentinel drones.

For those who like to search for treasure whilst risking their life at the same time, storm crystals have been added. These high-powered stones are found inside hazardous storms. They’re worth a whole bunch of cheddar cheese though.

New enemies are also here. Sentient Minerals can flee from underground while you blast them with your mining laser and there are dangerous new trap plants that can cause you pain.

No Man's Sky Visions

There are also a few new emotes, building parts and fireworks to use. Check out the full patch notes below.

Fixed an issue where players could be prevented from earning a free freighter in the tutorial.
Allowed the Dreams of the Deep mission to detect if the a Nautilon Chamber had been built nearby before the mission started.
Fixed an issue where missions that visited trade terminals could advance without their objective being completed.
Fixed an issue that prevented higher level Aeration Membrane upgrade modules from appearing in the Space Station tech shops.
Fixed an issue that prevented Freighter Hyperdrive upgrade modules from appearing in the Space Station tech shops.
Fixed an issue where players could fail to learn the Living Glass blueprint at the correct time.
Fixed an issue where players could fail to learn the Exocraft Boost blueprint at the correct time.
NipNip blueprints can now be acquired from the Base farmer after their mission chain is complete.
Fixed an issue where NPCs awarding procedurally generated upgrade modules would select from an insufficiently random pool.
Fixed an issue that prevented some doors + items that require Atlas Pass v1 from accepting v2 or v3.
Adjusted the behaviour of wanted level timers, so that the wanted level decays as the timer does.

Improved the appearance of the planetary readout from space.
Added a new section to the inventory item popup hinting at the item’s use.
Improved the visual feedback when collecting items, especially rare items.
Improved the text labels for armoured objects.
Added a filter for “Not Owned” to the Quicksilver Shop.
Fixed an issue which would allow players to browse their existing fleet whilst purchasing a new frigate.
Fixed a rare case where certain game inputs could temporarily fail to be recognised if remapped then reverted to defaults.
Prevented an erroneous boost icon appearing while piloting the Nautilon (on PS4 and Xbox One).

Fixed an issue preventing building multiples of storage container 1 (on PS4 and Xbox One).

Fixed an issue where extreme weather planets could fail to generate storms.
Improved the distribution of ammonia and uranium on toxic and radioactive planets.
Improved some analysis visor text descriptions.
Fixed an issue where the terrain manipulator could destroy valuable objects.
Fixed an issue where other players’ discoveries could prevent fauna and flora from being scanned with the analysis visor.
Added identifiable descriptors for all anomalous planet types.
Fixed an issue where resource crystals (eg Di-Hydrogen) could be rediscovered on every planet.
Fixed an issue where many minerals would be called Yukovsite.
Allowed the torch to be used when exploring crashed freighters.

Fixed an issue where exocraft customisation colours could be incorrect until refreshed in the customiser.
Fixed a rendering issue with oversized fungi.
Fixed an issue where stationary objects could sometimes appear blurred.
Improved the draw distance on some exotic planet objects.

Fixed some out of memory crashes.
Fixed a crash when quitting the game during a gesture.

No Man’s Sky is now available to purchase for £39.99/$49.99.