No HTC Touch HD for US – the conspiracy theory thread



Author Surur // in Rumour

Now that the news of the HTC Touch HD not coming to US is sinking in, the next question is obviously why. Seeing how much interest this very desirable device has already generated, it seemed sure to be a hit in the market. Here are a few theories.

1) AT&T demanded that the HD stay out of USA, to prevent any competition with the iPhone 3G. In return they would carry the much delayed AT&T Fuze. This is supported by the absense of the HTC Touch Diamond on AT&T, indicating they do not welcome good competition to their favourite phone.

2) HTC did not want to draw attention from their new G1 android phone, and therefore decided not to release in USA.

3) HTC thinks the investment would be wasted, due to the local dominance of the iPhone in USA, unlike in Europe, where the seemed to have accelerated its release.

Of the 3, I suspect number 1 is most likely. What do you think? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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