No Copy & Paste in WP7S: Wen’s Reaction





The feature that many of us has become accustomed to and made fun of the Iphone for, seems to be departing the Windows Phones World. Engadget recently got a chance to interview a MS employee who made them aware of the new feature policy in WP7S. The employee says the new and improved mobile OS, will come without copy and paste. I am just stunned hearing this, no copy and paste. Copy and paste, a very simple and under appreciated feature will not make it to the original release of WP7S.


This means you cannot copy anything across applications, you will be limited to hyperlinks. I do not see what Microsoft has been smoking in their developer room recently, they take away flash(not 100% yet) okay, they take away multi tasking, ehhh okay, and now they are taking away copy and paste.image


After all this news that some might call a “negative,” why don’t we find the positives.

No Copy and paste: This feature has been a good addition to the devices, but do we really need it?

How often do you use it? How much do you need it? Do you want it that bad?

My answer is very simple, I don’t need it.

The Iphone was originally released without a lot of these features that WP7S does not have, and it was named “revolutionary.” That means the Iphone did well without half the features WP7S has included. That might not be enough for many people but really all these things that Microsoft is taking out can really better your experience. Removable memory is not really needed if you have a free backup service, and 16GB memory. You do not need copy and paste if you are not a business man that uses it on a daily bases. You do not need a WP7S device if you are a true business man.

There are many things that people see as a down side to Microsoft’s new os. I say, you do not need it unless you use it. I am quite excited about WP7S because it has all I need, music, videos, smooth, fast, apps, looks. I am a very simple user, I am currently using Windows Mobile, Android, WebOS, Symbian OS and even MacOS(not alot). With all these devices in my hand, I can say they one thing that beat Windows Mobile in is the availability of applications and speed.

Wrap it up

All these negatives are and can easily be positive, if you think you do not need it, they do not need include it. There is another up side to this also. The devices will come with OTA, which means new features can be added in a heart beat, and a whole in experience in seconds.

Comment below and tell me how you feel about all this and what you think of my thoughts

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