While talking to media at the launch of OnePlus 7T Pro in London, the OnePlus CEO Pete Lau voiced his opinion on the foldable smartphone trend. According to the CEO, the form factor has no clear use case and, therefore, the company is staying away for now.

“The technology and the ability to have foldable screens are not very mature yet,” OnePlus CEO Pete Lau said.

Instead of focussing on the foldable technology, the company will focus more on 90Hz screen technologies, 5G, etc. The OnePlus CEO said that the company is planning to 5G to more and more smartphones next year. However, countries like India won’t have 5G next year to the company will continue pushing 4G handsets in the country.

“In India, for example, there may not be 5G availability next year as a whole and we’ll have to see how things progress. So again, this has to go back to looking at the suitability for products in different regions,” he told journalists in London.

Pete Lau further added, “It’s not related to a Pro series or T series or another device that must have 5G. Instead, we are looking at what are the circumstances and what’s the suitable opportunity to build a 5G device.”

The company will be launching OnePlus 8 next year, and just like the OnePlus 7 Pro, it’ll have 5G options available but only in markets that have proper 5G infrastructure.

via TheIndianExpress