No Battle Punks for WP7 platform (yet)

One of the two early XNA games presented for Windows Phone 7 were The Harvest and Battle Punks. It seems that the Battle Punks developers encountered some issues with the Facebook application and decided to port it entirely from Java to Flash. That was the sole reason of lack of updates in the past months. Developers haven’t even showed up on Facebook nor answered e-mail inquiries regarding those matters. Finally Phil Shenk, CEO of Gravity Bear posted a note yesterday stating the reasons of current state of the game and asked fans to post questions if they have any.

Thought that I’d make an inquiry there about the state of WP7 application (since I didn’t get any response in the past months through different channels), and I was fortunate to receive an answer:

“Regarding Windows Phone 7, we are waiting (as are many developers) to see how well these handsets do in the marketplace. Currently, iPhone and Android devices are still dominating.

Honestly though, that platform is low on our list, considering what we need to do from a business perspective.”

So, not only is application slowed from development due to Gravity Bear’s waiting of adoption results for WP7, their focus is on switching their main application on Facebook from Java to Flash in the months to follow. Hopefully, WP7 will make more of an impact as there is something left in the air, particularly “we are waiting (as are many developers)” implied part.