Microsoft is seeing a new addition to its Xbox team with the addition of ex-Nintendo employee Damon Baker.

Leaving Nintendo in late-December, Baker was best known for his work as the company’s head of partner management. Working with the Japanese developer/publisher, he saw a long career at the company spanning twelve years.

Now, Baker has announced that he is moving over to Microsoft as their new Head of Portfolio for Xbox. While he presumably will not be working too closely on first-party titles, Baker has announced that he will help evaluate all second and third-party content coming to the Xbox platforms.

Baker’s work at Nintendo shouldn’t go understated. The ever-popular Nintendo Switch has seen a huge degree of success due to his work in attaching indies to the system. Switch’s high indie presence was a saving grace for the system early in its lifespan, before many AAA/AA studios attached themselves to the hardware.

With Baker on board, Xbox should hopefully become a stronger platform over the years. After all, as he said in his Twitter announcement, “the future looks amazing!”

Source: Twitter (via Windows Central)