Nintendo Switch sales have reached over 68 million units



Nintendo Switch sales are continuing to soar after three years of life. 

Reported by Gematsu, Nintendo’s handheld-console hybrid is still selling millions of units without a clear sign of slowing down.

The Japanese company revealed that their beloved console had sold over 68.3 million units by the end of September 2020. For the month of September, Nintendo managed to sell 6.86 million units alone.

Nintendo Switch sales were bolstered by remarkably strong software sales with 49.81 units of software selling in the last three months.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons headlined these software sales with 26.04 million units sold. Super Mario 3D All-Stars managed to sell 5.21 million units.

Nintendo is planning on extending the lifecycle of their current generation hardware due to the high Nintendo Switch sales figures. While a Switch Pro is rumoured to be in the works, that console will be more of a mid-gen refresh.

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