Nintendo covers up Minecraft Steve’s meaty victory in Smash Ultimate


22, 2020

Nintendo has taken away Minecraft Steve’s meat in a new patch for Super Smash Bros Ultimate. 

The addition of the blocky bro to Nintendo’s flagship fighting game series has resulted in a very unique character for fans to play as, but winning with the character led to a pose that Jeffery Toobin would be proud of.

Steve’s Minecraft victory pose greeted players with a meaty surprise. It might not be a big sausage pizza, but the Smash fighter’s pose saw a firm grip on his meat right next to his non-existent man-meat. It’s very entertaining.

Check out the original victory below:

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In the latest update to Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Nintendo has stolen Steve’s meat. At least he won’t be “accidentally” flashing it during a Zoom call.

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