Nintendo planning to “extend” Switch lifecycle to maximise sales momentum


9, 2020

Nintendo has revealed that they are currently planning on extending the Nintendo Switch lifecycle to maximise on the console’s increasing sales momentum. 

While certain third party titles have shown the system’s limitations in recent months, Nintendo will draw out the Nintendo Switch lifecycle during the rise of the next-gen consoles as the Switch continues to grow due to its consistently strong first-party lineup.

“Our current generation game system, Nintendo Switch, has entered its fourth year since launch, but its momentum is increasing,” explained Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa in a shareholder’s meeting.

“We believe there are two factors behind this. First is the existence of two hardware configurations with different characteristics, in Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite. The second factor is that Nintendo’s development resources are concentrated on developing content for a single platform, Nintendo Switch. We want to extend the life cycle of Nintendo Switch while maximising such advantages.”

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Nintendo has recently spoken out on their design decisions for creating the next console that will succeed the current Nintendo Switch sometime in the future. While there aren’t too many details on what the console will be, the company will be inspired by the current console’s unique features.

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