Nintendo confirms new console launch within the next 80 years 

November 5, 2021
Nintendo Switch

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Nintendo has revealed an approximate release date for their next console and it’s sometime within the next 80 years. 

As part of a recent financial results presentation, the console manufacturer detailed the future outlook of the company which is looking to expand their “value-added services,” and launch their “next gaming system” sometime within the exceptionally ambiguous window of “20XX.” 

While it’s fun and technically correct, to say that this confirms a console before the year 2100, what this presentation slide really shows to us is that Nintendo isn’t quite sure when their next line of consoles will launch. While it’s definitely a possibility that a new model line of hardware could launch this decade, Nintendo may have plans to extend the Switch model line delay the next generation until the 2030s. 

According to games industry analyst, David Gibson, when asked about next-gen during the earnings call Nintendo said that they’re “still going through internal discussion on concept, timing, etc and discussing everything,” so it sounds like there’s a lot of work still to be done. 

This shouldn’t mean we’ll be without a new Switch for nine long years, however, as Nintendo will likely iterate on the current Switch model with improvements and upgrades such as we’ve already seen in the recently released Switch OLED model

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