Niantic’s Pokemon Go estimated revenue now at $2.6 billion


21, 2019

Niantic’s Pokemon Go has been a roaring success for the independent developer. While its previous title Ingress was certainly popular, the heights that the Pocket Monster reiteration has reached is well beyond what the hacker-themed adventure game could have ever hoped to achieve.

Now, years after release, Niantic’s Pokemon Go has an estimated revenue of $2.6 billion dollars. According to Sensor Tower Store Intelligence, an app revenue analysis service, Pokemon’s outside outing has done extraordinarily well.

With $55 million generated just last month (look, I wanted a ruddy Skitty, alright?!), the game is still doing well. In just 2019 alone, Go players have spent an estimated $368 million on microtransactions, despite the game being rather generous in its item output.

With Niantic’s third AR adventure game, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, out today, the company is becoming the go-to developer for AR location games.

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