Niantic’s Pokemon Go-lasses probably won’t actually be called that, but I for one will be upset if they’re not. 

In a Twitter post by Niantic CEO John Hanke, we got our first look at what the AR mobile game company has been up to after the colossal success’ they’ve been seeing. 

“Exciting to see the progress we’re making to enable new kinds of devices that leverage our platform…” Hanke teases alongside an extensively cropped image of some swanky new glasses, emblazoned with their logo. 

As previously reported by The Verge, Niantic has previously demoed a Microsoft HoloLens version of Pokemon Go, which these new glasses could be looking to build upon. 

Showing little more than a thin frame, as a speckle of holes that might just be a speaker, there’s no telling just how bulky these glasses might be, especially if you compare them to the HoloLens’s heft. 

Just being teased with this image, for now, there’s no word on whether these glasses will release, let alone when they might do that.