NFL Pro ‘12: A Comprehensive Football App For Windows Phone 7


13, 2011

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For all the avid NFL fans and followers, here’s a piece of good news. If you are on Windows Phone 7, then you will never need another football app once you start using the latest addition to the Sports section of the Marketplace, NFL Pro ‘12 currently the #2 FREE app in Sports. The app offers such completeness and ease of navigation that it is sure to become your number one stop whenever you need to look up latest scores in any game, or just about any information you might want about any of the fixtures or teams. Read on to get a look at this fantastic app.

The app starts off with an offer for you to set up a profile for “NFL Pro ‘12”. The procedure of creating a new profile is not fussy at all. All you need to do is choose a nick (option to check its availability is also there), and tell the app which team is your favorite. This profile will let you post comments to the app and also in Fantasy Playoff Prediction. Yeah, you read that right. We know there are whole apps for Fantasy football, but this feature is just one of the sections of “NFL Pro ‘12”. You can start predicting scores of any games and compete against fellow NFL Pro users. The app keeps complete track of your performance in the fantasy league.

nflpro12qrOnce you see past the awesomeness of the Fantasy feature, the app is pretty good in the basic stuff, too. The live scores of ongoing games update intermittently, and tapping on any particular score line will take you straight to that game’s online page, where you can not only find detailed match summary but also a complete match report. Combine this with the option to check availability of tickets and opinion from experts regarding the expected outcome of the clash. “NFL Pro ‘12” comes with the option to browse latest happenings through searching the app on the basis of teams, which, in turn, are presented under their respective regions. The Standings page gives you an overview of where the teams stand in the season right now. Even before the commencement of a fixture, you can read a detailed preview of the upcoming clash along with a comprehensive list of statistics. Grab all of this and more for free at the Web Marketplace link provided below!

NFL Pro ‘12 is free and can be found in Marketplace here.

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