Nextgen Reader updated to v2.3 – a Google Reader app for Windows Phone

Introducing the new version (2.3) of Nextgen Reader – a popular Google Reader client with image caching and swiping. Find out more details about the update below.

What’s new in v2.3:

  • New image caching feature i.e. full offline mode (app settings -> synchronization).
  • Edge swiping in article view to navigate between articles or just tap on the left/right edges of screen as shown in video.
  • Or swipe left/right using the article title at top.
  • Tap on title in article view to open IE.
  • Display current article position e.g. 7 of 50.
  • System tray/clock now visible in article view.
  • Faster loading of articles.
  • Fixed white flickering in dark theme.
  • Many bug fixes and enhancements.

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