Next year’s iPhone X might come with a triple lens camera

Apple has been shipping dual lens cameras in its iPhone Plus family of devices, and the firm is reportedly working on a triple lens camera for its third generation iPhone X.

It would retain the same 12mp output, but ship with a 6P design and  5x zoom capabilities.

Interestingly, Apple would not be the first with a triple lens camera at this point. Huawei’s P20 Pro is one of the most recent smartphones with a triple lens camera and has been hailed as a smartphone camera 2-3 generations ahead of what competitors like the Pixel 2 and iPhone X are pushing out.

An earlier report by KGI Securities, however, had predicted that Apple would be retaining a dual lens set-up for its 2018 phones.This means that this triple lens camera will – barring any unforeseen occurrences — remain reserved for the v next +1 future product.

Via Mashable.