Next year new Xbox Video content will no longer work on your WP 7 handset



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Microsoft has been sending out emails to Zune and Windows Phone 7 owners informing them of future changes to Xbox Video.

The changes, which will come late February 2014, will mean video downloaded after that date will no longer work on Zune players, the Zune app and Windows Phone 7. Presumably video purchased before this date will continue to work.

According to the note the changes will allow Microsoft to “more quickly and efficiently add the highest quality video content to the Xbox Video service.”

Presumably the changes will only affect a minority of users, with less than 20% of Windows Phone users in USA still using Windows Phone 7, and presumably an even smaller fraction of these using Xbox Video.

The email can be seen here.

Are any of our readers affected by this upcoming change? Let us know below.

via WPC.

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