Next week’s Xbox Live game – Fusion: Sentient

fusionThere has been something of a drought of Xbox Live titles recently, but next week’s title should be pretty interesting.

Next week’s Xbox Live title from Microsoft Studios will be Fusion: Sentient, a companion game to the Xbox Live Arcade Console strategy game Fusion: Genesis by Starfire Studios (more about it here)

The Windows Phone game is described as:

“Customize and command powerful squadrons of advanced robots called Sentients, in this fast-paced, sci-fi, real-time strategy game. Battle your way across the galaxy to take on conquest missions, defensive stands, capture scenarios and survival rounds. Level up your Sentients on your Windows Phone and make them even more powerful. Gift Sentients to your friends or exchange Sentients with other players both on Windows Phone and Xbox 360 in the XBLA game, Fusion: Genesis.”

Sentients bred in the Windows Phone game will bring console players advantages in there, including fighting alongside their owners and provide various helpful bonuses.

Fusion: Sentient and Fusion: Genesis will be available next week, on the 9th November. The Windows Phone game will cost $2.99 while the XBLA game is 800 Microsoft Points ($10).