Next Insider update could bring mouse support on Xbox


18, 2017

It looks like the next Insider update could bring mouse support to Xbox One. The Fall Update just shipped for everyone but Microsoft is continually updating the system with new features that go out to members of the Xbox Insider Program. Details of the next update have surfaced showing screenshots of the setting’s menu that point to mouse capability being added soon (via Windows Central).

The mouse menu appears to be located under Kinect & Devices, and it states that the mouse pointer will only appear in games and apps. You will have the ability to control the pointer’s speed.

Microsoft executives have said in the past that mouse and keyboard would eventually make its way to Xbox One, and it seems that Alpha Insiders may get to experience it sooner rather than later. Right now the only game that supports mouse and keyboard input on Xbox is Minecraft. With cross-play picking up steam, developers can allow those using a controller on console to game against those on PC, though you will likely have to opt into this option like in Gears of War 4. Having mouse support on Xbox could level the playing field even more if it is implemented properly.

Microsoft hasn’t confirmed when mouse support would be coming to Xbox One, but keep your eyes peeled. In addition, Phil Spencer has said that original Xbox backward compatibility is “really close.”

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