Next-gen Xbox is “not reliant on massive exclusive” games for launch


16, 2020

Microsoft has expressed that the upcoming next-gen Xbox launches are “not reliant” on a large number of blockbuster exclusives for this Holiday. 

In an interview with The New York Times, Xbox marketing executive Cindy Walker explaimed that the extensive backward compatibility features within Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will help sell units.

“Having Halo at our launch would have been tremendous,” Walker said. “[However,] we are not reliant on massive exclusive titles to drive console adoption. Our players will have thousands of games from four generations of Xbox available to play on launch day.”

Xbox has been very keen to push its large number of features rather than exclusive games, mostly because of the console manufacturer’s large gap between upcoming exclusive video games like Fable, Forza and the delayed Halo Infinite.

Instead, Microsoft is pushing their Xbox Game Pass subscription service, backward compatibility, their Quick Resume feature that allows users to swiftly switch between multiple games in seconds and the cheap price of the Xbox Series S.

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