The next-gen MSPoweruser app with Fluent Design is here

After months of development, I’m really excited to release the next-gen MSPU app. Powered by Fluent Design, the new MSPU app offers a beautiful user-interface on your desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone. I put a huge focus on the design of the app with version 4.0, and you will see a lot of small touches throughout the new design. Right from the typography, to our custom-built scrollbar design, there are a lot of unique design elements in the new app.

We built the new app with performance in mind and rebuilt the core of the app to offer the best balance between performance, storage and network usage. The app now renders articles more quickly, and uses less data, without sacrificing any features. We also rebuilt the caching system to reduce network usage and improve the Read Later functionality.

Keep in mind that the new app uses a totally different approach to render articles and manage settings — and unfortunately, no settings or articles from Read Later will be migrated to the new app. The settings are just like before, but with a newer look and a lot of changes under the hood. Feel free to play around.

Here are some screenshots:

We have worked incredibly hard to come up with a unique design that offers a truly great user experience. The new design isn’t perfect, and lots of improvements will be made in the future — especially on Mobile devices. Go ahead and give the new app a try, and make sure to let us know what you think below, or send us feedback through the app.

For those wondering, here’s the (small) team behind the new app: Kesava Prasad Arul (Lead Developer, will continue future development), Pranav Kulkarni (former developer, helped with the development of 4.0), Mehedi Hassan (Designer).

MSPU 4.0 is being rolled out right now, so it could take a little while to arrive for your device:

Developer: ‪MSPoweruser‬
Price: Kostenlos+