Newton Mail is shutting down this year

Premium email app Newton Mail is shutting down next month.

The app used to offer users advanced emailing features and was available in many app stores including the Microsoft Store. Users could pay an annual subscription for the privilege of using Newton. Of course, when every major first party operating system comes with a free and builtin emal client, its hard for users tojstify  a premium app like Newton — something the company learned for themselves the hard way

“It was a tough business decision. We explored various business models but couldn’t successfully figure out profitability & growth over the long term. It was hard; the market for premium consumer mail apps is not big enough, and it faces stiff competition from high-quality free apps from Google, Microsoft, and Apple,” CEO Rohit Nadhani lamented, “We put up a hard and honest fight, but it was not enough to overcome the bundling & platform default advantages enjoyed by the large tech companies.”

The firm says it’s looking at issuing refunds for users through the App Store and Play Store, for Microsoft Store users you can visit this page for help on refunds.

Meanwhile, new sign-ups to the apps and subscriptions are immediately disabled.

“CloudMagic, the company behind the Newton app, will continue to operate and the incredible team will be focusing on new and innovative projects,” Nadhani said.

Source: Newton Mail via The Verge.