New Your Phone background effect spotted on Windows 11


13, 2021

We reported in September that Microsoft was teased a new design for the Your Phone app for Windows 11.

The new design moved the notifications from its own page into the left sidebar of the app, and the list of pages (messages, photos, apps) to the top.

Users will be able to monitor their notifications more easily, mute some and pin others.

Now ALumia has found a new version of the design, showing a new background effect based on your phone’s wallpaper.

Touting the new look, Microsoft says:

Experience the latest, modern visuals and upgraded view of your notifications and important controls for your Android device.

Navigate through your content from the top of the app, so you have a larger and more organized view of what’s important.

Microsoft will likely roll out the new design to Windows 11 users in the near future, with the new look likely also to come to Windows 10.

via Alumia

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