Microsoft’s completely overhauled Xbox Store interface has just started rolling out for Xbox Insiders in the Alpha Ring

Starting today, Xbox Insiders will be able to help test the new and improved digital Xbox Store ahead of its full release later this year. Alpha Ring subscribers will see the “mandatory” beta update at 3a.m P.T.

The new store will currently only be available to a subset of Insiders located in the US, UK, Canada (English only) and Germany for the initial release to Preview.

Not all features of the new Xbox Store are functioning such as some titles displaying a “Not currently available” message on the product page and will be unavailable to purchase, broken gifting, bundle issues and Xbox Design Lab problems.

Outside of the new Xbox Store experience, here’s what else you can expect:

Game Activity Tab

The Xbox team is ready to preview a new experience that makes it easier to discover game related activities around the game you are currently playing or the last game you played.  We want users to know what is happening around their favorite games, hunt for achievements, and discover new ways to engage with liked minded gamers. With this goal in mind, while this feature is active, a random subset of users in Preview will now see the Game Activity tab in place of the Achievement tab, which includes:

  • Achievements: Achievements are here to stay! Your top option on the tab is still the list of Achievements for the game you are playing or your most recently played game. We have added new sorting and filtering options to the list.
    • Notice the new shortcut to turn the Achievement Tracker On/Off
    • You can view the list of your Recent Achievements in your notifications. From the Home tab in the Guide, scroll down and select the notification bell icon to see them.
    • You will find your next achievements and the monthly Gamerscore leaderboard by selecting your Profile in the Guide, then scroll down past “My subscriptions” to locate both options.
    • Of course, you can still find and compare your achievement history, Gamerscore leaderboard, and Game Pass quest progress on your Profile.
  • Friends playing: See which friends are playing, or have played, this game.
  • Looking for group: See LFG posts for this game to find new people to play with.
  • Events: See Suggested Events that are happening in-game or access the ones you have expressed interest in!
  • Official club: Check out updates from developers and see posts from the Xbox Live community.

What do you think of the new Xbox Store? Tell us your thoughts on the improvements to the Xbox Store below.