Microsoft has revealed the New Xbox Experience UI for the Xbox family of consoles. 

Coming on the launch of the next-gen Xbox Series X, the New Xbox Experience UI is an overhaul of the current UI that will become available for the Xbox family of consoles when the Xbox Series X launches this November.

The New Xbox Experience has made text more readable, elements on screen are easier to understand at a glance, and accomplishing your tasks is faster than ever. This includes tile shape, fonts, an updated illustration style, and more. The overall layout of most of the console pages remains familiar, just faster and more focused.

This experience will be shared across all Xbox platforms – PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and mobile – with interconnected features to make everything more streamlined. If texting on your console is too cumbersome, you can use your smartphone’s keyboard instead.

When it comes to speed and resource management, Microsoft claims massive gains.

“The Home screen will load more than 50 percent faster when you boot your Xbox, and is almost 30 percent faster to load when you’re returning from a game. Furthermore, these improvements use 40 percent less memory than what was previously required,” reads the UI’s announcement.

Microsoft’s New Xbox Experience UI comes following the reveal of the fantastic new Xbox Store, an overhauled store interface that sees massive performance and visual gains over the current storefront.

Check out the trailer of the new UI below:

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