New aims to be a web-based game portal, includes cross-platform WP7 gaming is being revamped from what is at present a rather drab site to a rather interesting new venture.

In an announcement by Major Nelson we learn the site will allow some features which allow web-based management of your Xbox Live experience, e.g. try on and purchase clothing for your avatar, reply to Xbox Live messages etc.

However a throw away line in the list is “Play web games with your Xbox LIVE friends on the web or on Windows Phone 7”

At present does not have ANY web-based games, so this is certainly a brand-new feature for the site.

Additionally the line also promises the ability to play web games from the web against users on Xbox Live.  This is likely the instantiation on the web of the turn-based gaming we see prominently in Xbox Live on Windows phone 7, and will likely involve board games like checkers and chess rather than Halo.

It is however very interesting, as it means friends of Windows phone 7 owners do not have to have the phone to play against them, extending the reach of social gaming on the platform. Also as we have seen on facebook turn-based social web games are very popular, so could be an attractive addition to Microsoft’s consumer gaming arsenal.

See the announcement at here.

Thanks majg for the tip.