New Windows Phone DevCenter bug is preventing developers from releasing apps for WP7



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For about a week now Windows Phone developers have been unable to publish apps for Windows Phone 7 handsets.

Developers are able to post apps to the store, but when downloaded to devices the apps crash immediately.

A thread of complaints have been posted on Microsoft’s support forums, but very little appear to be happening regarding the bug.

Developer Alex Sorokoletov writes:

I want to confirm this is really urgent issue from developer’s view. We have apps in production crashing on WP7, people are posting low reviews and beta apps on WP7 are also not working. That means teams using beta for testing their products on WP7 have to stop and wait.

Almost a week passed and the issue still remains.

Please update us as soon as possible on solutions or workarounds available.

Have our readers who are still using Windows Phone 7 handsets run into this issue? Let us know below.

Via, thanks Christophe for the tip.

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