New Windows Phone Challenge Ad Focuses On Nokia Lumia 920 Local Scout Against Galaxy S3


1, 2013

Author Pradeep // in News

Microsoft today posted a new Windows Phone Challenge ad featuring Ben Rudolph. This new ad focuses on Windows Phone Local Scout feature on Nokia Lumia 920 pitched against Samsung Galaxy S3 running Android.

Paul, Jessica, and Nick accept the Windows Phone Challenge and attempt to beat Ben in a race to find a place to eat dinner using the search function on their phones.  With $100 on the line, see which phone finishes first and which one is left searching.

Turn any neighborhood into your neighborhood with Local Scout on your Windows Phone. You can jump right to information on nearby restaurants and bars, places to shop, things to see and do—even events happening in town. Plus, you’ll see detailed info and reviews, hours of operation, directions, and deals. And you can set your Windows Phone to learn what you like as you use it, so you’ll see personalized recommendations right at the top of your local search results.

With the recent release of “The Wedding” commercial which went viral, I think Windows Phone marketing team is on a good form.

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