New Windows Phone 8 start screen divide users

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While the Windows Phone 8 start screens allows many more icons on the screen and somewhat more customization, it is at the expense of what can only be called clutter.

The Windows Phone 7.5 start screen’s concepts of negative space and teasing the program list appears to have been thrown out with the bath water, and some people are not happy. It is of course of note that since double-wide tiles are now full screen width, it is not possible to recreate the WP7 start screen on Windows Phone 8.

This has upset Radek Vytiska so much that he has started a petition asking for the old screen to be brought back.

He writes:

When Windows Phone 7 was introduced, Microsoft has shared a lot of information behind home screen design decisions. Every line, every spot, every size and every black stripe had its purpose.
Now, 2 years later, none of these seems to apply anymore. Microsoft today introduced new home screen, where icons can be 1/4 of original size and black stripe is gone!
Its ok, that users can ruin homescreen for themselves with ugly little tiles, because its their choice. But please keep black stripe on the right side of the screen, so we can have original beautiful WP7 experience on WP8.
Let’s get MS know, that we love great design of home screen which was one of the reasons we have chosen Windows Phone.

Now he is extremely unlikely to succeed, but it would be interesting to hear how many of our readers support his ideas and are not happy with the look of Windows Phone 8.

Sign the petition here and let us know below.

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