New Windows Phone 7 mini-ads out

I had just read an interesting article earlier today complaining the Windows phone 7 “Really” ads are too complex, containing too many vignettes in too little time.

Wolfgang Gruener complains:

I am wondering if Microsoft will ever be capable of wrapping a simple message into a simple commercial. The first Windows Phone 7 (WP7) commercial is an example of Microsoft’s intent to pack too many images into a single commercial that ultimately blur the message the company wants to send. There are 28 different scenes in 60 seconds, some connected, some open ended. Some are simple. Most are too complex to process in just a few seconds. But if you take the time to watch Really several times, you may view the commercial as a piece of art.

I seems Microsoft’s ad agency knew exactly what they were doing, as the next wave of ads are exactly the same scenes, expanded from only a few seconds to a full 15 seconds, emphasising Microsoft’s message of “Get in, get out and get on with your life.”

See more of the ads after the break.

Do our readers think the campaign is progressing well or is the message going over the head of the target market? Let us know below.