New Windows Phone 7 Metro Theme For WM


While Windows Phone 7 is just a month away (or more depending on your location) development for WM replica designs have yet to stop. This new theme is designed on the Wad2 structure and was made available by pecco, who lives happily in the Windows Mobile theme development forum over at XDA. This theme is made for those that want to have the look of WP7 just before the get the real deal. It is free but sadly no body except WQVGA device owners can have it, and last I check… That was the least popular screen resolution.

I cannot say I would use this on my device. To be honest I really do not like the whole Metro concept being on WM phones… It is frankly stupid to me. I mean Metro is not that attractive to begin with and the only reason why it works with WP7 is it has those great hubs behind it and that gives it all the grounds to look like what it does (that and some artistic centering concept).

If you feel another way and love have Metro on your Wad2 based homescreen, then head over to XDA and give it a go on either the Samsung Omnia or LG Incite.