New Windows Mobile partner and device for Sony Ericsson in 2009



We have reported during the past week, that the next Sony Ericsson Windows Mobile device would be made by Mobinovva. Although it is still possible that this might be the case, it is still not certain, as new reports show that two other companies, with one of them being Pegatron, are also looking to take over after HTC. Industry sources claim that, the number of candidates for the job is narrowed down to just 3, as HTC is definitely not among the prospective partners.

Sony Ericsson is according to the reports, already in final talks with FIH, (the mother company of Mobinnova), Pegatron and another undisclosed company. With the former two companies being the strongest competitors, we will have to wait for Sony Ericsson to finalize the particulars with the selected partner during the first three months of 2009 and expect the new Windows Mobile device before the end of the coming year.

Information for the newly established Pegatron (a spin-off from Asustek) can be found at its official site, while we have provided info about Mobinovva and its current offerings, on earlier articles. If you have any idea who the third candidate might be click on the comment button below.

Via: Digitimes

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