New videos show the power of Zune on the Phone, PC and Xbox



Author rush24 // in News

The Zune HD and software have always been an underrated but excellent media platform. With the introduction of WP7, that is set to change and I hope that Microsoft will spend some of that $500 million budget putting ads like the one on the video above on TV in addition to all the WP7 ads now playing. The ad does a great job showing the Zune player and WP7 in a compelling way that will certainly make any casual observer want to try it out. The videos  are currently only available on the website and there is no way to embed them as far as I can tell. Click on the links for a higher quality versions of  Zune on WP7, Zune on the PC and Zune on the Xbox 360. You need to have Silverlight installed to view the videos.

Thanks to @gilly2468

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