Pinterest revolves around users sharing media under distinct categories, for other users to find and save to their personal collection.  While it is technically a social media network, it’s lacking the opinion-giving capabilities that the main social media sites offer.

As it currently stands, users cannot quickly react to a post.  It is possible to leave comments, but people are less likely to take the time to do so, which therefore limits the potential momentum the site could have.

Reverse Engineer Jane Wong has just revealed Pinterest will, in fact, be facilitating this in the near future.

Here we can see 5 reactions, which appear to be a spin on Facebook’s current reactions.  What’s (p)interesting is that the company has decided to only include the positive reactions: Good, Love, Thank, Wow and Haha.

The decision to exclude the sad and angry reacts is probably for the best because after all, do we really need another social media platform as controversial as Facebook?