New version of simple Learning integrates Microsoft Translator Service

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simplelearning4Simple learning is a sophisticated and easy to use learning app for your own educational content such as vocabularies, definitions, synonyms, or technical terms.

With help of simple learning you can prepare for exams and tests and you can train your long-term memory through the integrated memory training (an integrated learning system based on a scientific approach by Sebastian Leitner). Now a new version was released with integrated Microsoft® Translator Service, to make creating your vocabularies much more comfortable. Features:

  • Manage your own questions/vocabularies, categories and subjects in the library area.
  • Microsoft® Translator Service integration
  • Use the practice function to prepare for exams or tests.
  • Release questions/vocabularies for memory training system.
  • The memory training is an integrated learning system. Questions/vocabularies will be automatically repeated in periodic intervals and go through 5 levels until they are finally transferred into the long-term memory.
  • Use the search function to have always quick access to your learning content.
  • Supports the selected system design in metro style.
  • Trial version offers the full functionality of the full version and is limited to 3 days.
Price: $1.99

(Trial Version available)

You can find simple Learning in Marketplace here.