MapLense displays your geo-tagged photos beautifully

MapLense is a popular Windows Phone App which gives you the possibility to show the locations of your photos on a map. No more remebering where a photo is taken.

Thus, images are automatically classified into groups of the shooting location – or you can even do this by create your own maps and fill them with pictures.

The new version includes massive improvements in the build in camera app. Take some pictures from beautiful places and want to remember? MapLense allows you to record the background sound and play it whenever you want.
In additionn, there is a transparent live tile icon for WP 8.1 users.

QR CodeHere is a small list of features

  • images are clearly displayed on a world map
  • grouping of shots by location (city, district, country, …)
  • create your own maps and pinning these on the home screen
  • own lense app
  • navigation to pictures
  • take pictures with background sound
  • and much more…

There is an add supported free verion of MapLense: Download, but if you want to support our work, you can also purchase the Pro Version here.