New UI for Windows Update now being tested internally in latest Windows 10 Redstone builds


Microsoft is currently testing a new user interface for Windows Update in the latest internal builds of Windows 10 Mobile. The company is adding a few new features to Windows Update which should improve the user experience, too. First up, is the new Active Hours option which will allow you to disable auto updates for a specific time period. That means, if there is a new update that needs to be installed, Windows 10 will install it outside of the Active Hours.

There is also the ability to set custom restart time which basically allows users to temporarily overwrite active hours and schedule a custom time to finish installing a new update. It is worth noting that Microsoft has also removed the Windows Insider Program from the Settings app in recent internal builds of Windows 10 Mobile, which we reported about recently.

These new changes could be packed in the upcoming Windows 10 Mobile build for Insiders, which could come next week or after Build 2016. Nonetheless, tell us what you think of the new Windows Update improvements in the comment section below.

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