A brand-new Tony Hawk Pro Skater game is now known to be currently in development as band The Death Set has revealed the inclusion of their music. 

According to an unsurprisingly removed Facebook post on The Death Set’s Facebook page, the band has licensed five new songs for the upcoming skater game. The Sydney-based “experimental art-punk” has been creating music since 2005.

Twitter user TheNathaanNS posted a screenshot of the now-deleted Facebook post on social media.

“Just licensed 5 new songs to Tony Hawk 2020 game,” the Facebook post reads. “You’ll be hearing this shit soon.”

Activision’s treatment of the Tony Hawk Pro Skater series in recent years has been far from ideal. With some titles, like this generation’s Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5, being released in a completely unfinished state in order for the publisher to keep IP rights, we hope that this new game will be a fantastic entry in the iconic series.

Whatever happens, it won’t have anything on Crayola Scoot.