New things we learned about WP8 at Nokia’s event

At Nokia’s September 5th evening event, the representatives had a tight lock down on new information. We often heard the typical “we’re not talking about that right now” response. However, we were able to gleam some new information from our short conversations!

The Apps List Search is Changing
When I got a chance to use the 920’s touch screen, I swiped over to the apps list and tried clicking the search button, and nothing happened. I asked the rep if the search button is going to change, and he answered that yes it may change, but that they’re “not showing that right now.” Another rep simply didn’t want to show the apps list at all, implying that changes could definitely be in store (there was no obvious bug in the apps list, by the way, as previous reps have claimed).

Bing Search Button is Changing
I asked another rep is the Search key will still open Bing Search, and he said that yes it does, “for now”. His answer strongly implies that something new in terms of search is coming! I assume it will be universal search.

Old Apps Magically get Taller for 1280 x 768 Screens
I made a dumb mistake there 😛 1280 x 768 is the same aspect ratio as our current 800 x 480 screens. I have no clue what’ll happen to apps on 1280 x 720 screens… bars on the side? But anyways it’s a non-issue for the Lumia 920.

Clicking an App from Start Screen still Relaunches It
I’m sure the final version of WP8 won’t be like this, but their current version still does a full relaunch of apps, making it feel painfully slow.

Facebook Integration Supports “Share with…”
You can now control which group of friends on Facebook see your posts through the native Facebook integration. When posting, there’s a new option that will let you select the post’s privacy options, so you can “Share with friends”, etc.

Apps Still Load Slow
Even apps that are apparently compiled for WP8 seem to load just as slow as before. I would hope they fix this because Windows Phone apps are definitely far behind Android and iPhone when it comes to launch speeds!

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